Sunday, March 21, 2010

i heart ipanema -- origin of the name

Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro. Photo by Evgenia Kononova, 11 January 2006

We started out selling vintage and handmade on with our shop named ipanema. We chose this name because of the connection we have with Bossa Nova music, the beach neighborhood in Rio that birthed it, Ipanema, and the culture there--cool, hip, intelligent, artistic, laissez-faire, joyful and in love with life and people--and O Cristo Redentor the sentinel standing high above the city on Corcovado.

On etsy, people "heart" your shop if they love what you do. Establishing our flagship store in 2010 is embellishing upon the great things we've done with ipanema. Hence, 'i heart ipanema.' A two-fold declaration.

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  1. I wondered about the name...very cool!
    Can't WAIT to shop there!!!