Friday, February 26, 2010

Art for I Heart...

We asked visual artist Christopher Darling, a great friend and a great artist, to do something to liven up the storefront for our I Heart Ipanema shop while we renovate. He has of course gone well beyond our expectations; we were floored by the contents of the tube we received from NYC. Below is a post from Christopher about the project.

"A friend of mine is opening a clothing and accessories store in a few months. He called me up the other day and said, "I have some 10'x3' glass doors that I want to hang artwork/illustration in while we are renovating the interior of the store. Would you be interested is making some artwork for the doors?" I had just finished watching this 1970's video called, Painters Painting. It included interviews from New York artists that helped found abstract expressionism and pop art: de Kooning, Johns, Warhol, Rauschenburg, Frankenthaler, Stella, Newman, Hoffman, and some others. Watching the film helped me realize that it is still possible to solve assignments without figurative work, although figurative work is definitely in fashion in both illustration and within the contemporary New York art scene."

Christopher Darling is an illustrator & writer, born in Chicago, now living in Manhattan. He studied design in Minneapolis & creative writing and fine art in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Currently, he is in the MFA illustration program at the School of Visual Arts in New York. His client list and resume are available upon request. Check out his website:

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  1. we just hung these last night. they look amazing.